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Lively. Fluid. Clean. User Friendly. Mobile Apps

Level up your brand with mobile applications designed to delight your customer's online experience.
Go live soon. We help you build your digital brand.

What we do Differently

We create super creative, lightweight, clean & user friendly multipurpose mobile applications.

Modern Adaptive Design

Highly responsive and engaging mobile applications with the latest UI/UX in practice, you'll get to approve mockups before the development even starts.

Upfront Monthly Pricing

Fixed Monthly Costs with leave anytime policy. Want to move your development in-house or no longer need the App, we'll provide a smooth exit without any additional cost.

Lean & Agile

Lean development methodology to deliver quick MVP's, and fixed development cycles to deliver bug fixes and updates to your customers weekly or bi-weekly.

Our creations

Our team has worked on dozens of varied Mobile and Web Applications, here are the latest one's:


Mizzle App

Mizzle is our beloved in-house product which helps people discover great Movies & TV shows for you to watch and the cheapest way to stream it. We developed the iOS & Android App for Mizzle backed by an API along with a Web Frontend Landing Page.

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Tapzo App

Tapzo is India's first All in one App, which focuses on aggregating various services under a single streamlined interface. We have worked on the Tapzo iOS App.

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Like what you see so far?

Does our value proposition make sense to you? What would be better than to get in touch and discuss it further, Also, specially for you we offer 50% off with our early access program.

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We help you start, analyse & grow.

We Strategise

We take your unbaked app ideas and compose them into a productive mobile interface.

We Design

Mobile apps are designed to drive customer engagement and give your users the best mobile experience.

We Develop

We follow the best coding practices, and create a highly maintainable codebase using industry mature development tools.

We Market

We help you market your all new App on the various stores, providing you with ASO, SEO, keyword optimisation, right channel identification, etc. to harness new userbase

We Maintain & Support

We provide you with iterative update cycles, customer support, analytics and technical dashboards to understand what's going on in your App, post launch.

We Avail

We help you reach the maximum set of users by providing an online responsive website to go with your Mobile App, that works across all devices. All cloud synchronised.


We're a team of highly skilled individuals who have worked across various startups and believe that even services could be delivered in quality.


Technology comes naturally to this guy, he has worked on Web to Mobile to 3D games to Data science. You name it, he has done it. For him delivering on time is the highest priority.

Rahul Meena

Co-Founder, Technology

MBA from Politecnico di Milano, business runs in his veins, He has a wide range of experience working with corporates as well as small businesses. Marketing & Business Intelligence are his key distinctions.

Pradeep Bhat

Co-Founder, Business

Pricing & Plans

We offer fixed monthly costs and provide consistent services across all domains. These prices may vary based on any additional requirement from your end.

Static Regular

Mobile App on any one platform without a Backend

Starting at $ 4,999

App in any 1 mobile platform

Basic analytics dashboard

UI Mockup approval

ASO, SEO, Keyword optimisation etc.

Bi-weekly updates

Dedicated Support

Validity: 6 months

Dynamic Advanced

Mobile App on any one platform with Web API backend.

Starting at $ 9,999

App in any 1 mobile platform

API Backend with Database

Basic analytics dashboard

UI Mockup approval

ASO, SEO, Keyword optimisation etc.

Bi-weekly updates

Dedicated Support

Validity: 6 months

High Availability

Android App, iOS App with Web Backend & Frontend.

Starting at $ 29,999

App in 2 mobile platforms

API Backend with Database

Web frontend that mirrors the Apps

Basic analytics dashboard

UI Mockup approval

ASO, SEO, Keyword optimisation etc.

Bi-weekly updates

Dedicated Support